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"I met Mr. Güngör because of my gallbladder stone complaint. He is a really good doctor with his detailed information before and after the surgery. I had the surgery without any question marks in my mind. Many thanks to him and the hospital nurses."
d....n16 November 2021
"It is the dictionary equivalent of the phenomenon "How should a good doctor be". Whether it was his smile or the detailed information he gave about the operation, he really showed an approach that took into account the psychology of the patient. Our doctor performed my father's Rectal cancer surgery laparoscopically about 1 month ago and we continue the process without experiencing any complications or other problems. He is as close as a phone call and we can reach him for all our questions. The generation of such doctors should be increased, I would like to thank him again on behalf of my father and myself."
m.....29 April 2021
"Mr. Güngör Gül is a good doctor, I am very satisfied. He never changed his interest and relevance before and after the illness. He contacted me by phone because I changed city. I always got an answer, he never lost his interest from a distance. I had gallbladder and umbilical hernia surgery, My gallbladder was removed. Generally speaking, Mr. Güngör is super doctor, I have no pain."
a.....16 December 2020
"I was completely satisfied with his sincerity and surgery. Thanks to him, I did not even realize that I had the operation. I was very pleased as I did not have any problems. I was satisfied with his friendliness. I had an operation that I did not understand at all. I had a gallbladder surgery, my gallbladder was removed. My pain was gone. Now it is perfectly normal, nothing. I have no more problems."
n.....14 December 2020
"I had a fistula surgery, it was very difficult. I had a tear, now I'm fine. Thank God, my pain and complaints are gone, I'm comfortable. Now at least I can go to the toilet comfortably, I don't have pain or burning."
s.....December 13, 2020
"Due to the stone in the gallbladder, we were examined with the reference of a doctor we know. After the examination, it was decided to have surgery. Information was provided before and after my surgery. I haven't had any problems so far. Güngör is a very sincere, sincere, smiling doctor. Thanks to you, we are very happy right now."
v.....10 December 2020
"Güngör is a good doctor who is friendly, caring, answers all the questions of his patients in detail, and is an expert in his job. I have reflux and I have him do all my endoscopies. I wish him a successful and happy life."
ar...10 December 2020
"Güngör is a person you feel like seeing someone from your family when you first meet. I went to him to get information about gallbladder surgery. I decided on the day of surgery and left. Thank you for your sincerity, nice appearance and perfect surgery. Kind regards...."
be...414 November 2019