Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon, also called endoscopic intragastric balloon,

 is a non-surgical weight-loss procedure which involves the insertion of a specialized balloon inside the stomach to occupy space and limit the food carrying capacity of the stomach. This makes you feel full sooner and limits your intake to smaller portions. The procedure is temporary and the balloon is usually removed after a period of 6 months.

The gastric balloon is indicated in the following patients:

  • BMI of 30-40 kg/m2
  • Unable to lose weight with exercise and diet
  • Willing to participate in a medically-supervised lifestyle and behavior modification program

Gastric Balloon is contraindicated in the following patients:

  • Have previously undergone bariatric surgery
  • Are suffering from inflammatory diseases of the GI tract, large hiatal hernia, structural abnormalities in the pharynx or esophagus, and are prone to upper GI bleeding
  • Allergy to materials used during the procedure
  • Alcoholics or drug abusers
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding


The placement of the gastric balloon is carried out as an outpatient procedure.

The procedure is performed endoscopically under sedation. The deflated gastric balloon is attached to an endoscope, a narrow lighted tube with a camera attached, which is guided through your mouth and into the stomach. Once in proper position, your doctor inflates the balloon with saline and a dye,  to the desirable size. While the endoscope is removed, the balloon is retained in the stomach. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete. You will be able to leave the hospital soon after.

The balloon is temporarily left in the stomach for about 6 months, following which it is removed. The removal of the gastric balloon is also performed under sedation.

Post-Operative Care Post Procedural Care

Following the procedure, your throat might feel a little sore and you may experience some cramps and nausea as your stomach adjusts to the balloon.This may take 2 or 3 days following the procedure

You will be on a liquid or soft diet for a few weeks. This is followed by 6 months of supervised diet and behavior-modification that will help you to continue eating healthy and staying active, which will greatly influence results.

What is Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon?

Elipse Gastric Balloon (Allurion Gastric Balloon) is the world’s first gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy and anesthesia. It has the same effect and mechanism as other gastric balloons.

Swallow with water

The balloon compressed into the capsule is swallowed with the help of water. The capsule is large enough to be swallowed.

Filled in stomach with water

After checking the location of the balloon with xray, the balloon is inflated with water through a thin flexible tube.

Passes out Naturally

At the end of 16 weeks, the valve in the balloon opens and the balloon deflates. It is passes out naturally through the intestines.

Elipse Gastric balloon is available in capsule form and compressed in size that can be swallowed. It has been shrunk as much as possible to facilitate swallowing. Because of this feature, it is also called the gastric balloon pill.  Like other gastric balloons, it is resistant to stomach acid for a long time. It provides a more comfortable process for people who want to lose weight.